November 16, 2008

Some new additions...

Hello again! Here are some of my latest additions to my etsy shop I'm totally loving with the way that Punk Rock Princess (the pink, black, purple and blue one) came out! I really like the others as well but it is my favorite!

The other two yarns have not been added to my shop yet as I am still trying to think of names for them. I should be adding them later on in the day though as soon as I decide on the names.

I was thinking of naming the pink & purple one Lingering Embrace. For the one with different shades of green I was thinking of calling it Japanese Slipper - after the Japanese drink containing Midori (a green liquer) and lemon juice. I'd love to know what you think!

1 comment:

Lona said...

Can't help you with names, but the yarn is lovely!