November 23, 2008

Our trip to Washington DC & Cape May, NJ!

I thought that everyone might like to see some pictures from our recent trip to Washington DC. We took our son to a couple of the Smithsonian Museums. We went to the Air and Space museum and the Museum of Natural History. We also got to ride on the Metro which our son really loved. He thought that it was Thomas the Train the whole time we were riding it. That alone was worth the trip.

We recently went to Cape May, NJ. It was sooo cold but we decided to walk along the beach anyway. We also saw the lighthouse there and there was a very strange boarded up building made out of cement that no one really knew what it was. I've included some pictures so if you know or have any guesses as to what it could be I would love to know.

Cape May was a beautiful and quaint little town with lots of little shops. I would have loved to have stayed there longer but we didn't have time to get out and walk around. I think there were a few craft shops but unfortunately we didn't get the chance to stop and wander around them either! Hopefully, one day we will go back for a visit!

I've included some pictures for all of you to see! I'd love to know what you think or if you have ever been to any of these places!

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LindaCCC said...

Beautiful! I miss the Jersey Shore.